Acceptance in GallahornEdit

The oldest of religions, sometimes referred to as the Old Gods.  They are slowly being forgotten for newer beliefs but they stil have a presence throught gallahorn.


It is believed that the Prime Deities were resonsible for forming the world, great beings of immense power.  They fought against the Prime Evils that only wanted to destroy and subvert the land and its inhabitants.  The Prime Deities prevailed and banished the Prime Evils away behind a great gate buried in the ocean, it is there that is believed is the casue for the Maledictum.  The raw energies, good and evil battling each other, good trying to keep the evils contained and evil trying to escape and bring pain, death and suffering to the world once again.

Prime DeitiesEdit

Accepted in Dwendil

  • Erathis: The Lawbearer
  • Bahamut: The Platinum Dragon
  • Raven Queen: The Matron of Ravens
  • Pelor: The Dawnfather
  • Moradin: The Allhammer
  • Ioun: The Knowing Mistress

Remaining Deities

  • Sarenrae: The Everlight
  • The Archeart
  • Avandra: The Changebringer
  • Kord: The Stormlord

Prime EvilsEdit

  • Tharizdun
  • Tiamat
  • The Lord of the Hells
  • The Cloaked Serpent
  • The Ruiner
  • The Strife Emperor