Legionnaires of CaelumEdit

The main fighiting force of Caelum is its standing military arm, the Legionnaries.  A heavy infantry fighting force with strict discipline that can easy march its way to victory, however it is slow and lumbourous and is the main factor to its inability to counter Seljuk's swift stike and fall back tactics of its light cavalry. 

The conscripts that join for their 2 year minimum service and can be called upon should the times require it are the Accensus.

A Day in the life of Servius ExampulousEdit

Servius enrolled into the army 8 years ago at age 18, the son of a poor farmer with poor prospects.  He has been able to save a small fortune, and he's even been able to save his viaticum, 3 gold pieces given when he enrolled.  If he survives until retirement, he'll receive several acres of land.  But he'll have to wait until he completes his 25 years of service.

Today, Servius' legion and 3 others is marching a great distance of 30,000 paces (36km).  Servius' weapons, including his gladus, scutum, and two pila, weigh over 20kg, and thats not counting his sarcina, and armour.  Arriving at the resting location, he empties his sarcina and uses the pickaxe, shovel, saw and basket to build an outpost where the lenion will be staying for the week.  Although exhausted, he will not get much sleep, he is on first watch.

For the first 4 hours of the night he stays awake nibbling on some stale bread from his sarcina.  When his watch is up, he lays in bead dreading the day ahead, worring if he will survive to the end of his term, thiking about a love left back home, and hoping that the following day will be a boring day without surprises.

At dawn, Servius eats breakfast, a porridge bowl from the camp cook.  He eats with his 10 tent companions, theyre like a family, all bearing scars of the same battles.  They all hail from different parts of the Caelum lands, and some willfully joined the legions while some were forced to as slaves or punishment for crimes.

Servius is currently being lead by Legatus Pro Praetore Gaius Caelum, a well known general, Senator, and second oldest son of Antonius Caelum.  Under his command are 2 legions

1 Legion - 5000 men

10 Cohorts - 500 men

            Lead by a Praefectus Cohortis

Century - 80/100 men

            Commanded by a Centurion, with an honourary aquilifer (eagle bearer)

Manipulus - 10 men

            These men will stick together and watch each others back

             Lead by a Manipulus Prior

Today they are marching along the border between Dwendil and Caelum.

One day maybe he will prove himself as a Praetorian where a less dangerous bodyguard duty can provide.