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Origins Edit

Monastery of the Monks of GuanYin
They are secretive people. Little is known of their origin, religion, location or pretty much anything. It is not even known if they truly are located in The Shards for no-one has laid eyes on their renowned monastery, "Stratus". This has led to the monks having an almost mythical and blasphemous stigma, so without surprise the religions of Gallahorn do their best to undermine and be rid of the monks of Guan-Yin.

One document may shed light of their mysterious customs and origin. An ancient text found by the Paragons told of a great ship that arrived in what was then Southern Orbitoare, present day Luna that brought strange goods, language and customs that had not been seen in Gallahorn before. They told of an empire far away to the North that wished to map the world. When they left port to sail back, a collection of men remained. Whether this is an accurate account is debatable as the paragons have found no other documents supporting an empire or land other that Gallahorn, as well as the fact no other ships have arrived from afar.

Beliefs Edit

Their monastery is believed to follow the teachings of Guan-Yin, but is also referenced as Kannon. It is believed that this deity is the bringer of harmony, she brings compassion, mercy and balance. The organisation hierarchy is unknown as no monk has ever been seen other than the ones that have left the monastery.

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