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Order Motive, Means and Methods Edit

Motive Edit

Noble, chivalrous and courageous, these selfless men and woman of the Order of the Pactagonal Knights help those in need and fight against the evil of the world. Their order is built upon the ideal of a pactagon (A circle with a "slice" removed), to which their Grand Master, currently Grand Master Artur Petdragon. The pactagon symbolises unity that is so near yet still requires work. The belief that their task will never truly be finished

Means Edit

Usually the rank of Knight is sent to troubled areas first to recon the area before relaying to the order the situation and the requested relevant aid. The knights sometimes infiltrate the community to find evil doers.

Knights are also seen to take up contracts by lords and kings to rid the land of troublesome men or creatures. Although often the knights will have taken it upon themselves to remove these burdens of society in their own fruition.

Methods Edit

Organisational Structure Edit

Grand Master - A role for life, the Grand Master is in charge of the whole order.

Master and Commander - The Master and Commander was the local commander in charge of the commandery — The area of operations (Southern/Northern Dwendil Dominion, East/West Caelum Dynasty, South/North Seljuk Empire. He has complete command in the field.

Senschal - The Seneschal is the right-hand man for the Master and was sometimes called a Grand Commander. The Seneschal administers all the lands belonging to the chapter house. He also handles the movement of the men, the pack trains, the food procurement, and other issues of moving an army.

Turcopolier - This officer in the third in line militarily. He is in command of the light cavalry and the Sergeants

Marshal - The commander of operations in a City and the greater city area.

Standard Bearer - In charge of the Squires and Sergeants, they keep them busy when they were free and maintain the equipment and supplies within the City.

Knight - The honorary title of "Sir" is awarded. These brave men and woman are the vanguards of society and usually the first in areas that need aid.

Sergeant - Commander of the conscripts that have signed up to the Order of the Pactagonal Knights.

Squire - Conscripts that have proved their honour, mettle and desire to advance in the order. The will usually be taken on by a knight that has seen promise in them as a personal aide.

Well Known Members Edit

"Sir Veylign"

"Sir Pernatural"

"Sir Chandestroy"

"Sir Amik Varze"

"Sir Vant"

"Sir Vyvin"

"Sir Renitee"

"Sir Cumference"

"Sir Tificate"

"Sir Koffagus"

"Sir Mise"

"Sir Preem"

"Sir Rated"

"Sir Ver"

"Sir Repitishus"

"Sir Reeyal"

"Sir Comvent"

"Sir Gent"

"Sir Fess"

"Sir Vival"