Prevalence in Dwendil Edit

Popular in Dwendil among those that can afford its compulsory donations. Since its creation, the most important moment was when the Kind of Dwendil provided his first donation, and thus entered the great enlightenment that can only be achieved by being within the Paragon. It was then accepted as a worship-able religion within the kingdom.

Prophets of the Paragon Edit

The highest rank, only achievable by those that have reached the highest tier within the church. We dont know how many tiers there are, but not even the king is at the top yet.

Paragons of the Pamphlet Edit

Truth Administration Edit

The fast acceptance and entering of the fold of the King of Dwendil has led to the religion being granted governmental authority. If issues its new powers through the Truth Administration that runs side by side with the Kingly orders.

It determines what is truth and what is false and has special powers to make sure the truth is adheared to, listened to, believed and that those that dont believe have unfortunate accidents.

In addition, they make sure that those that have become Paragons of the Pamphlet and are climbing the tiers adhere to the laws and rules and to do disclose information outside of its ranks or tier.