"Lizards be among us."
- Hallucinating Crewman

The Cabal in folk loreEdit

Stories told to misbehaving children and threats by angry wives to their misbehaving husbands; the Cabal have been a well spoken story among the Dwendil' people. Lizard creatures that would don human flesh and integrate themselves with in society to steal naughty children and subject them to their nefarious instruments of torture in the earth where they dwell. Of course the stories are just stories, never the less people still swear by them at times.

Assumed Anatomy Edit

In human form, they are discernible from then human next to them. in some cases that may appear more human; by their extra rosy cheeks, handsome physique, quick mind. However, to weed them out you need only find the tattoo of a lizard, a crocodile.

In Lizard from they are shrouded in exaggerated stories of 3 meter tall beings long tails with sharp barbs used to impale and bisect in one easy swipe. The exaggerated stories go on to talk of their large gaping double joined mouths with three rows of teeth that ooze thick acidic spittle. Of course no man has ever seen any such thing and it is often assumed that the stories were born from an over excitable youth when they had come across a large reptilian monster that are often seen in the deep woods, or a prank that had done its intended effect.