The Shadow Text Edit

The oldest piece of writing provides a brief summary of the cataclysm that we base our years on. Written in high Gallahorn it speaks of a cataclysmic event that shook all three land masses and covered them in darkness. The result created anarchy and panic among the peasants and total collapse of society, yet the writer conducts their analysis as if the events have been resolved, through which means we do not know.

The discovery of the Shadow Text started a religion that has since become one of the recognized religions of the Dwendil Dominion. It's practitioners since became known as the Paragons of the Pamphlet to the religion Paragon, they treat all historical and scientific texts, that have been ordained by the Truth Administration, as sacred and hold the truth, that has been approved by the Truth Administration, above everything.

Location Edit

Its current location is within the Dwendil Dominion in the fabled treasure halls of the Dwndil Capital, Castle Kreth. It has been there since its liberation from barbarian monks in the shattered isles in 926. Its discovery has since fuelled the scholars of the land to search for an other such sacred texts.